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Squash Court Flooring
SylvaSquash SystemTo meet the high demands made on squash court floors Junckers has developed the highly successful SylvaSquash system.

Given full accreditation by the SRA, England Squash and the WSF, the floor provides the player with the optimum playing surface in terms of shock absorption, resiliency, true and even ball response, light uniform colour and friction. The squash court flooring has huge demand due to their stunning beauty and durability. Squash court flooring differ immensely from floors designs for any other purpose.
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Extremely fast games such as squash need a surface with a high degree of friction. Junckers Sylva Squash flooring is a solid Junckers 22mm thick Beech board of the Classic grade with a 45grit finish, which provides the high level of friction required by the sport.

An unsealed finish is the first recommendation by the SRA, England Squash and the WSF. However, SylvaSquash is also available with one coat of polyurethane seal factory applied as required. The Junckers BluBat and New Era systems are the preferred undercarriage systems for a squash floor.

Because Junckers SylvaSquash is manufactured in uniform lengths, every board end is fully supported by a batten. This eliminates the possibility of board end breakages, a common problem with other “random strip” floors.

Squash flooring is unlike any other certified sports flooring in that the surface is not a smooth finish but a coarse surface that helps provide the right amount of grip for both the ball and player.

Renovating Squash Courts

We run a specialist sports floor renovation division and undertake the sanding and resealing of Squash flooring. It is important to employ a specialist when renovation a squash court as the surface finish is not the same as most other sports floor coverings and requires specialist attention and knowledge to achieve the required finish.

Link to: Squash court markings

  • Accredited by England Squash, SRA and WSF
  • Uniform light coloured surface – easier to follow the ball in play
  • Good shock absorption
  • Ideal surface for friction
  • Tried and tested
  • Available in unsealed or sealed finishes
  • Line marking using Junckers Isoline line marking paint

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