Sprung supply both Area Elastic and Point Elastic options for various dance styles and disciplines.  Available in wood or vinyl, our ranges are Multi-Functional, exceptionally durable, can be reused from venue to venue and look fantastic.  Suitable for all dance types including Tap.

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DanceSmart is our dedicated sprung wood floor system for all forms of Dance from Ballet to Street and Tap.

Taken from the success of our general sprung floor Smartfit our high performance A3 sprung sports floor solution, we have developed a wood system just for Dance Studios.

DanceSmart has all the features of the Smartfit with the extra benefit of 3 optional wood colour options (Oak Rustic, Oak Unique, Ash Nature).

Using a clever 5G click system, the engineered surface, HDF layer and shock-absorbing underlay slot seamlessly together saving on the cost of installation and fitting time.

The system has optimal grip resistance due to the sports lacquered surface and comes with a 5 year warranty.

With its smart design, quality sports parquet and flexible application, DanceSmart is the perfect option for dance professionals as well as community and education authorities.

Board size : 2250mm length X 190mm wide x 28mm thick


Time and Money are often the 2 main factors we are up against when embarking on a project such as a new Gym or Dance Studio.

Sprung DanceSmart couldn’t be a simpler solution for a seamless and low-cost sprung floor installation.  With modern design techniques, non-specialists are able to fit this floor system without commissioning a contractor.

The super-quick and effortless fitting method means you can now Do It Yourself eliminating the costly installation fees.  There is also a clear and user-friendly installation guide available to assist with preparation and fitting.

The system is also portable!  If you switch venue, move properties, the DanceSmart flooring can easily be disassembled and relaid without damage to the boards or the existing subfloor.

Boen Actiflex Stadium

When flexibility and comfort is key, and you need a quick turnaround when renovating, Actiflex is the right choice.

Actiflex is an area elastic sports floor with high deformation for greater flexibility and comfort. It has a resilient foam for optimum energy and sound absorption – ideal for a Studio or Gym

When you have limited time to renovate your venue, Actiflex offers short installation time. The BOEN 5G Click locking technology ensures a fast and secure installation with a perfect result – no specialist tools are required.

Actiflex must be installed on an even and self supporting sub-floor or on top of an existing floor. It is also easy to extend, pick-up and relocate.

Actiflex can also be produced in a spectrum of colours in 215mm format to create a visually calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Boen Boflex Stadium

The ultimate sports floor with progressive shock absorption for high-level performance.

Boflex carries the unique combination of a built-in shock absorption material and a stable construction that can withstand almost unlimited loads. This makes the floor system ideal for venues with multi-purpose usage (Schools for examples) and large arena. The uniform performance suits children as well as adults, with good bounce and friction. Even after twenty years, Boflex performs as day one.

Tests conducted by SINTEF (formerly The Norwegian Building Research Institute) shows that Boflex surpasses all its rivals and performs exceptionally well when being used by children and adults protecting body joints from shocks.

Boflex offers flexibility to accommodate your needs. Due to its extremely low building height, it is well suited for renovation purposes. The floor system is suitable with underfloor heating, for rolling loads and allows both hardwood and elastic surfaces.

Tests show that the system can withstand an almost unlimited load, due to the special built-in foam under-structure that can never be compresses more than 50% making the system suitable for tackling the heavy weight grandstands.

Boflex must be installed on an even and self supporting subfloor, or on top of an existing floor.

Sprung Vinyl 8mm

With optimal slip resistance, excellent durability and simple installation, Sprung 8mm vinyl sports flooring delivers a P2 (EN 14904) point elastic sprung floor system suitable for multi-purpose sports, dance and fitness.  Available in 6 finish and colour options, with simple fitting instructions and easily maintained, Sprung  8mm is the perfect performance platform for professional and leisure end users.

Sprung Vinyl 10mm

Our most complex vinyl floor system, Sprung 10mm offers outstanding performance, maximum shock absorption and superior protection against cartilage and ligament injury.  The category P3 point elastic three layer system is the ultimate solution for competition sports, multi purpose activities, all types of dance and fitness studios.  The product comes in 8 popular colours and finishes, is simply assembled and low maintenance.