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Portable badminton courts are becoming very popular as organisations want a simple system that they can unveil when a badminton event is on the calendar. From private schools to sports organisations this system provides a superb solution to venues that don’t want or need permanent badminton lines.

A badminton court in France

A recent customer explained that he wanted to play badminton in his converted barn in France but didn’t want a permanent floor system as he used the barn for other activities too. The portable badminton court he purchased sorted this dilemma and he’s delighted with the result.

Benefits of a portable badminton court

One of the main benefits of a portable badminton court is how easily it is set up and how quickly it is rolled up and put away after use. We can provide a trolley for easy storage of your portable badminton court at an additional cost.

Badminton court markings

Portable badminton court surfaces come pre lined with badminton court markings so there is no additional work once you have laid the floor out. We can deliver this system worldwide. Get in touch with your location and we will provide a quote for delivery to your venue.

• Available in ready-to-go easy to install portable badminton court playing surface (comes with game lines painted on the surface) and permanent (5.0/7.0) formats.
• Excellent player comfort and protection
• Structured embossing makes for perfect footing
• 1 colour : Mint Green portable badminton court (6570)

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