We have prepared a number of documents to help you choose, fit or maintain your sports flooring.

Underfloor heating

Thanks to the Clip System, a floating floor can be installed over the
majority of modern underfloor heating systems, such as electric or
piped hot water systems fitted within a screeded subfloor, which give
an even heat distribution. We can even accommodate underfloor heating
systems contained with battens or joists.

Download your underfloor heating documents here


Prelak is a fast drying water-based primer that is used in conjunction
with other water-based floor finishing products. This priming solution
designed to be applied to wood floors sensitive to changes in

Download your Prelak documents here


Junckers offers a wide range of surface treatment products. The range
includes both solvent and water based products, deeply penetrating and
hardening oil products to provide durable surfaces in households, busy
commercial areas as well as for professional athletes.

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Sports bushing designed to allow access to post holes in the sub-floor.

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All Junckers floors can be bonded to any subfloor such as concrete or
wooden materials with the unique, environmentally friendly Junckers
Parquet Adhesive. Gluing the wood onto the subfloor also opens up the
possibility for complicated patterns.

Download your documents about flooring adhesives here

Clip System

The firm and stable floating floor is perfect for underfloor heating
as it adjusts to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Impact
noise is significantly reduced – making it perfect for multifloor
buildings. Junckers is almost unique in being able to fit solid wood
as a floating floor directly onto concrete subfloors without the need
for battens and the extra height that this demands.

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Junckers BluBat battens:

45 x 31 mm high, 45 x 45 mm high, and 45 x 57 mm high, foam backed,
treated battens. Designed for impact sound reduction, e.g. in multi-purpose halls.

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