We provide professional sports floor specification advice and assistance to architects, designers and clients directly helping them to specify and choose the correct sports flooring surface for their specific needs and site conditions. Over experienced technical team can assist you with questions about sub-floor make up, underfloor heating and any other technical challenges you may encounter. Contact us for friendly technical help and assistance when considering a sports floor system.

sports floor specification

Get It Right From The Start

Specifying the correct sports floor surface for your specific sports needs can be difficult. Knowing exactly which sports flooring product is the right one can be hard for anyone not totally up to date with the latest sports flooring news and technical advancements. Many other factor come into play such as the state of the subfloor, the size of the floor, the activities that will be carried out, the frequency of use, the heating system in the hall / property. All of these have to be considered before choosing the right sports flooring product for your project.

Our experienced team of surveyors, and sports flooring experts will help you to define the right product for your project. We will also ensure that you do not get a sports flooring systems that is over specified and more costly than required. We also take into account your budget and can help recommend certified sprung sports flooring systems for those on a tight budget.

Specifying Sports Floors specification for Architects & Surveyors

We also work alongside many leading architectural practices to help develop and deliver specifications for large sports hall and gym flooring projects. Send us your plans and project details and we’ll work with you to build the best sports floor specification for the job in hand.

Please contact us on 08000582571 or email us info@sportsflooring.co.uk if you wish to receive further information and for free online quote kindly check https://freequote.sportsflooring.co.uk/.We would be happy to provide you with literature and samples for your sports flooring project.Our experienced management team ensure the entire operation runs as smoothly providing you with the best customer experience.