At Sports Flooring we are now offering the Futsal Pro – Portable Futsal Flooring, this portable sports flooring system is considered one of the best portable wood futsal floors in the world.  Created by the Sports Solutions Group, these portable sports floors are equipped with IV generation fixing system that was specially designed in order to obtain the fastest assembly/disassembly assuring floor stability while playing.  Since futsal is one of the fastest sports played in the world, it is imperative that the players have a perfect grip level and at the same time allow the ball to slide smooth and fast.

Portable Futsal Flooring


Benefits of Portable Sports Flooring System – Futsal Pro

  • Comfortable to play on
  • Minimises the risk of injury
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Protects your investment by assuring that in a use of your Multipurpose Hall, your Sports Floor will not be damaged by bad use
  • Allows you to make use of your space

Portable Futsal Flooring


Futsal Pro, unlike other sports systems have an IV generation fixing system fixed underneath the wood panels and has a easy sliding mechanism that assures that gaps will not appear and provides more stability

The bottom layer is made of a special elastic foam to assure the right shock absorption, minimise the risk of injury and also the right amount of energy restitution according to the weight of top layers and for the athletes use.  The middle layer of material offers stability and weight distribution for right behaviour of the system.  Finally, it is finished with a professional paint that can be customised with desired colours, and with BONA Resin special matte finishing to meet with specular glow requirements not only for the shine of lights on the floor that affects players, but also for television broadcast.

Our Sports Flooring Systems are used by the best leagues and competitions in the world

UEFA Futsal Cup

Portuguese Federation












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