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If your sports hall is used for badminton then it’s vital to have a quality badminton flooring surface to ensure your badminton players are playing on a safe badminton flooring surface. We carry out badminton flooring court installation, badminton court marking and sports floor bushings for badminton net posts across the UK. Various badminton surfaces are available – sprung hardwood floor, vinyl and rubber – all to Badminton England specifications and regulations.

Portable Badminton Flooring Courts

A lot of our clients require a portable badminton surface which can can supply and deliver to anywhere in the world. It comes fully marked with badminton court markings and is available with an optional trolley for easy storage.

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Please get in touch to find out more about the various systems available for flooring. Your subfloors and other uses for your floor will impact on this decision. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

Badminton Court Painting Service

Our sports flooring professionals are all trained to mark out and tape badminton court markings as per Sports England and Sports Scotland. We can also provide reduced size badminton courts for smaller spaces.Badminton court surfaces come prelined with badminton court markings so there is no additional work once you have laid the floor out. We can deliver this system worldwide. Get in touch with your location and we will provide a quote for delivery to your venue.

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Please contact us on 08000582571 or email us if you wish to receive further information and for free online quote kindly check would be happy to provide you with literature and samples for your sports flooring project.Our experienced management team ensure the entire operation runs as smoothly providing you with the best customer experience.

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