Our widely popular Sprung brand has earned its place on the map of rubber floor solutions for Britain’s fitness savvy nation.

We are proud to be one of the leading gym flooring suppliers in the UK and Ireland with over 15 years experience in quality solutions for Gyms, Fitness Centres and Sports facilities.

With a broad collection of thicknesses for multiple uses, various deisgn and colour choices and an array of ranges to meet all levels of fitness and functions, Sprung is the simplest solution for all your Gym flooring needs.

Please see our Bestselling ranges here:-

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Sprung Konnecta

With a unique self-locking feature, Konnecta is Sprung’s Premium tile solution for professional gym and training areas.

The Konnecta tile is formulated from quality HD rubber, has a simple assembly and offers maximum structural support (the tiles remain in position) during high impact activity. See the 3 design options:-


Konnecta Fleckz is available in 5 complimentary colour options adding tone, texture and character to any modern studio. Available in 20mm thick which allows up to 140kg weights.

Velvet Black

The extremely fine rubber granules used for the top layer is why these ultra smooth tiles have their eponymous reference.  Soft to the touch with a natural sheen, Velvet Black is the epitome of comfort, uniformity and style. Available in 2 thickness options (20mm and 30mm)


Grey is the new Black.  Stone Grey tiles deliver all the premium functions of the Konnecta tile range in popular shades of neutral and slate grey.  Create light, shadow and space with these contrasting tile options. Available in 2 thickness options (20mm and 30mm)

Sprung Standard HD Black Tiles

Our standard and most popular tile, Sprung Standard HD is the champion when it comes to offering unbeatable quality, affordability and endurance.  Available in thicknesses from 11mm to a whopping 60mm for hardcore weight training and Olympic lifting it delivers the shock absorption, sound insulation and non-slip safety needed for training in all capacities.

Sprung Coloured Tile Range

Our Bestselling Sprung 20mm gym tile is now available in 6 vibrant colours.  Inject some energy into your workouts with our exciting range of refined rubber tiles with High Grade TPE top.

With all the shock absorption, slip resistance and durability required for high impact exercise and free weights, Sprung Colour is the perfect platform for all Gym users and an ideal addition to a Home Gym or to create Zones within Commercial facilities.

The tiles are weighty enough to lock seamlessly together without adhesive, are simple to install and have an ultra wear resistance layer to prevent discolouration and abrasion.

Sprung Prime Grey HD Tiles

Effortlessly stylish, multi-functional and super-reinforced, our Sprung Premium Prime Grade rubber tiles guarantee smooth mobility, a modern aesthetic with ultimate protection.  Available in three thicknesses for various gym activities, Sprung Prime Grade tiles are a staple for all leading-edge studios, private and commercial gyms.

All tiles come with a 4 year guarantee against premature cracking and colour defects.

Sprung Rubber Roll Options

A firm favourite with gym and sports enthusiasts,  Sprung rubber fitness rolls combine superior quality with colour choice and wide ranging functionality across the board.

Jet Black

Make a bold statement with our darkest, smooth HD rubber fitness flooring in Jet Black.  Smart, simple and signature, the Sprung  Jet Black roll commands worthy attention.


Fleckz roll is perfect for supporting your sub-floor in heavy equipment zones but is also suitable for free weights and functional training activities.


The Stone Grey roll is perfect for supporting your sub-floor in heavy equipment zones but is also suitable for free weights and functional training activities.