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Sprung floors are floor systems that absorbs shocks and lowers impact levels. A sprung floor is considered the best for dance floors and studios, indoor sports, physical education and multipurpose sports halls.

sprung floor

The benefits of sprung flooring

A sprung floor enhances performance and greatly reduce injuries. Contemporary sprung floors are supported by foam backing, foam backed battens, specialist foam underlays and cradle systems – the appropriate system used is depending on sub-floor conditions and your specific requirements. We offer a free consultancy service to help you determine which sprung flooring set up is best suited to your needs and site conditions.

Requirements for sprung floors

The basic requirements for a sports floor or a dance floor are the same. They should encourage optimum performance and be safe. There are many differences between what would be the best floor for various sports and forms of dance. However the requirements are similar enough that one can have a floor suitable for general use.

See our Junckers Sports Flooring section for an in-depth and detailed description of various types of sprung floor undercarriage systems. Also visit the ‘Downloads‘ section for data sheets and technical details.

We offer a full range of systems to accommodate all design situations which fully conform to the required standards.

• Systems that can be installed on screeds or uneven concrete slabs
• Systems that can accommodate and work with under floor heating systems
• Systems that can accommodate retractable seating and cherry pickers
• Acoustic systems.
• All our products are from accredited sustainable sources with full chain of custody.
• Competitive supply and installation pricing.

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