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Junckers Portable FloorThe Junckers portable sports floors system offers the ultimate in terms of flexibility for arenas and halls that play host to a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting events. In situations where specific line-markings are required, Junckers portable sports floor system provides the perfect solution, e.g. for TV transmissions.

Portable Sports Floors installation is simple and very fast. The system requires an underlay to provide shock absorption and resilience and to protect the existing floor. Once the under- lay is in position the sports floor is laid. Panels are held securely in position with practical fittings that are easy to release when the system is disassembled.

The construction height of a Junckers portable sports floors system is either 27 or 32 mm depending on underlay used.

Standard Performance sports floor system
• Performance depending on sub-floor
• Unique ball-bounce
• Line marking for specific sports event
• Prefinished solid hardwood boards
• Prefinished, lightweight elements with assembly fittings
• Quick and easy installation and dismantling
• Easy storage and transport
• Easy maintenance

Junckers portable sports flooring

We also provide portable sports floors from Boen which provide a further option.

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