Grabo Sports Floors

As well as the correct sports foot wear it is vital that the quality of the sports surface is to a standard to ensure the protection of athlete’s spine, knees and ankles. Grabo Sports Floors are designed to achieve the best possible conditions for ultimate sporting performance whilst also offering the maximum safety to the athletes.We are delighted to now be offering GraboPlast sports vinyl to our vinyl sports offering.

With over 31 yrs of professional development, Grabo Sports Floors have become one of the world’s most experienced manufacturer’s of vinyl sports flooring. Their range of products include surfaces for competition standard sports to multi purpose fitness and leisure floors.

Grabo Sports Floors Intelligent surface which provides excellent abrasion resistance and easy cleanability. alt Self – disinfecting surface which provides perfect hygiene, hard wearing and low-cost maintenance. alt A special bacteriostatic composition of the surface layer reduces the risk of infection in case of an injury.
Grabo Sports Floors Durable and easy cleanable surface which has optimal grip and slip character. alt Crosslinked surface which increases the wear resistance and prevents dirt adhesion. alt The manufacturing of our products is based upon environmentally conscious technologies. Grabo products are free of solvents and heavy metals.
Grabo Sports Floors Due to large roll width (200 cm), our vinyl sports floorings require less welding and are easier to install. alt Our products do not require any periodical surface treatment, which results in low maintenance costs. alt Our vinyl floor coverings are 100% recyclable. Almost 100% of our manufacturing waste is recycled. We make efforts to improve the recycled content in our products.
Grabo Sports Floors High energy absorption due to the lower foam layer – comfort and protection.
Optimized deformation shape through the upper foam layer – easy direction change and reduced risk of injury.
alt According to Floorscore certificate (issued by SCS Global Services independent international institute) the product meets California Specification 01350 low indoor emission requirement and contributes to LEED certification.


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