Sprung GTI Uni is a loose lay vinyl flooring tile that offer a fast renovation solution.  These tiles can be installed over existing floors where minimal sub floor preparation is required, as well as no adhesives.  GTI Uni is the ideal solution for heavy traffic areas, it has a PUR+ surface treatment which means it requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.  It is suitable for underfloor heating and also has a slip resistance rating of R10.

  • Benefits of GTI Uni Vinyl Loose Lay Tiles
  • Easy renovated: loose lay Installation
  • No immobilisation of the output lines = no loss of turnover
  • High resistence to traffic: 2mm wear layer
  • Easy Maintenance:  PUR + Surface treatment ideal colour palette to create zoning and safety Areas

Sprung GTI Uni product specification is as follows:  2mm wear layer | 6mm thickness | 635mm length x 635mm width.  GTI Uni tile is available in the following colours:


0240 Green

Green - scanmobile


0242 Black

Black - scanmobile


0243 Blue

Blue - scanmobile


0244 Yellow

Yellow - scanmobile


0245 Grey

Grey - scanmobile


0246 Dark Grey

Dark Grey - scanmobile

For more information on Sprung GTI Uni Vinyl Tiles please contact us on 08000582571 to discuss your specification or send your tender to info@sportsflooring.co.uk for a quote.