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The Junckers UnoBat 50 batten system is the lowest elevation, high performance undercarriage system offering a fully sprung floor to the highest demands and criteria. Fast and economical to install, it conforms fully to the requirements of BSEN14904 A4. It has a total construction height of only 50mm designed for installation over flat, level sub-floors.

The Unobat system by Junckers

The system comprises of a 22mm Junckers Press dried Beech board secret nailed to a veneered softwood batten, which has a unique arrangement of specially developed rubber strips on the underside.

The outer and inner strips differ in density and performance – low density on the outside and high density on the inside – to produce a 2 step absorption effect with a braking system, which delivers optimum shock absorption and consistent ball response.

Unobat loading capacity

Choice of 2 different batten centres depending on requirements as to sports performance and loading capacity. Heavy loads can now be supported without compromising the performance of the floor.
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  • BSEN 14904 certified A4
  • Complies with the ENV fatigue tests
  • Perfect shock-absorption
  • Unique ball-bounce
  • Suitable for both high-impact and low-impact activities
  • Pre-finished solid hardwood boards
  • Pre-finished, laminated battens for quick, easy and safe installation
  • Low construction height
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects
  • Easy maintenance