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The Junckers Sylvasport flooring system is recognised as one of the leading sports flooring systems in the UK. We are proud to be Junckers’ Approved contractor for this specialist system in the UK and have developed our 30 operatives into experts at this sports floor.

Sylvasport Grading
Sylvasport is available in 3 grades; classic, premium and the least expensive club grade. All grades perform equally but are differentiated by the amount of knots and colours on the boards. The more knots etc (i.e. club grade) then the cheaper the sport floor.

Sylva sport batten systems
There are numerous under carriage systems from Junckers that combine with sylvasport to create a professional sports floor. Depending on the heights of the floor well and the undulations of the sub floor then systems such as blubat, New Era, Unobat and duobat are available. These should always be fitted by a specialist Approved Junckers contractor like ourselves.

Extensive use
Our company has fitted over 100,000m2 of Junkers sylva sport across the UK (the highest volume in the United Kingdom). We are still maintaining, sanding and polishing silvasport floors that we laid over 30 years ago! It’s a robust sports floor system that lasts a long time if looked after.
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Junckers SylvaSport We are Approved Junckers Sylvasport contractors for the UK and provide a supply and installation service for this range of sports flooring products.