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Subfloor preparation is a vital part of any contract. Improper or inadequate preparation can cause premature failure of the system. There are several types of procedures available to produce the most acceptable substrate possible, ready for the installation of one or more of the appropriate sports flooring systems required.

Sports flooring subfloors

All aspects of subfloor preparation and floorcovering installation should be in accordance with the appropriate standard required.

We undertake subfloor preparation works:

Subfloor preparation

• Liquid and sheet DPM systems
• Levelling Screeds
• Acoustic flooring solutions
• Levelling Cradle and batten undercarriages
Levelling sprung sports systems</em>

Getting the subfloor just right

To ensure you have an even sports floor surface the subfloor must be perfectly even and free from moisture and any other defect that might effect the performance of the sports floor that will be installed over it.
Many newly poured concrete subfloors fail to live up to the 3mm over 3 meter rule meaning that either a screed has to be used to level the floor or a specialist levelling cradle system used before the sports covering is installed. Some subfloors due to their location may require acoustic dampening or a damp proof member all of which we can specify and carry out.
It is important to treat the subfloor correctly before a new sports flooring surface is installed as it can be costly to have to uplift a new floor to access the subfloor if remedial works are required – we undertake detailed surveys to ensure your sports floor covering is installed in the correct manner over a subfloor that has been suitably treated if required.

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