Portable Flooring

We sell portable floors (any size) for venues that require a portable lightweight flooring solution.We have been installing floors throughout the UK for over 46 years, specializing in all types of wood flooring, sports flooring, parquet flooring and reclaimed wooden floorboards.

portable floors

We have different portable floors:

  • Portable Dance Flooring -Portable dance flooring has really taken off in recent years. We provide UK businesses and organisation with portable dance flooring for all events. The benefit of a portable dance floor is that it can used as and when and frees up valuable space when dancing is not required.
  • Portable Badminton Flooring -Portable badminton courts are becoming very popular as organisations want a simple system that they can unveil when a badminton event is on the calendar. From private schools to sports organisations this system provides a superb solution to venues that don’t want or need permanent badminton lines.
  • Portable Futsal -At Sports Flooring we are now offering the Futsal Pro – Futsal Flooring, this portable sports flooring system is considered one of the best portable wood futsal floors in the world
  • Portable Sports -The Junckers portable sports floors system offers the ultimate in terms of flexibility for arenas and halls that play host to a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting events.
  • Portable Tennis Courts -Our outside Tennis Court flooring has been approved and classified by ITF and the Swedish Tennis Association.  Not only is this product fast, it’s unique structure ensures correct resistance, bounce and friction.

Please contact us on 08000582571 or email us info@sportsflooring.co.uk  if you wish to receive further information and for free online quote kindly check https://freequote.sportsflooring.co.uk/. We would be happy to provide you with literature and samples for your sports flooring project.Our experienced management team ensure the entire operation runs as smoothly providing you with the best customer experience.