Mondo Wood Sports Flooring

Mondo Sports Flooring is a FIBA approved, area elastic, engineered timber sport floor. Mondo sports flooring product, Zeta gives unmatched levels of comfort, uniform shock absorption, deflection and ball bounce due to the flexibility of each plank.
Engineered wood is more dimensionally stable than solid wood and as such will expand and contract far less therefore requiring less maintenance in the future.
Beech Zeta was used at Beijing 2008 Olympics, also the 2012 London Olympic training camp specifies that a wooden sport floor must be used for basketball practice facilities.
Mondo Zeta is pre treated with a sports PU finish within the controls of ISO9001 certified factory which guarantees a consistent and long lasting slip resistance.

Sporting Standards:
BSEN 14904 Area Elastic Category A4
FIBA Level 1 Permanent Wooden Flooring
Athens 2004 Basketball (Fast Break System)
Beijing 2008 Basketball (Fast Break System)

FIBA Approved – Sports Federations Certified

The Mondo Zeta Wood Sports Flooring Zetasystem has obtained the CE label and complies with European standards EN 14904 and DIN 18032-2, and the requirements of international sports federations and is deemed suitable for Gymnastics, basketball, badminton, handball, futsal, volleyball, soccer, 5-a-side football, tennis, and multipurpose sporting activities.

Mondo Sports Flooring Installation

Mondo Zeta Wood Sports Flooring system is a natural product therefore installation conditions must be correct to achieve the best results. Before starting the installation, the facility must be completely water tight (windows and doors installed) and perfectly dry. Thetemperature during installation (day and night) must be over 15º C and it is important that the relative humidity must be between 45% and 60%.
To properly maintain the sport wooden flooring system, the building must have an adequate air circulation and / or a ventilation system. The sports facility owner is responsible for ensuring these conditions are maintained to ensure the floor covering performs as it should. The required conditions are indicated not only as desirable but as essential to ensure the product does not fail.

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Mondo Sports Flooring