Kahrs Activity Flooring
Selecting the right floor surface it very important when it comes to sports activities, a sports floor needs to provide an adequate amount of resilience and needs to provide athletes with freedom of movement and protection against injury. Kahrs Activity Flooring is a wood floor specially designed for sports.  It is easy to install and creates optimal surface for all types of sports.

Kahrs Activity Flooring features a unique “all-in-one” construction. Unlike other wood floors designed for sports and activities, the absorption material and reinforcement are already fitted to the back of the board. This means that the floor – again, unlike other sports floors – can be laid directly onto the sub-floor without the time consuming construction of floor battens or special fittings.

Kahrs Activity Flooring

Number of layers: 4
Thickness: 30 mm
Core material: Pine/Spruce lamella
Joint: Woodloc® 5S
Installation: To be installed floating on a level, solid surface such as concrete, particleboard or wood.
Available in Oak, Beech, Maple and Oak Mocha





We recently installed Kahrs Activity Maple into The Fitness Studio at The Portal – North Ayrshire’s new Culture, Community and Leisure Centre.  The Maple Activity floor provides a stunning pale blonde aesthetic, with integral shock-absorption and reinforcement properties designed for sport and impact.

Being Kahrs Flooring Specialists we offer a professional fitting service.  We take into account the quantity of flooring you need, the underlay and the matching accessories needed to get your project finished.

Please contact us on 08000582571 or email us info@sportsflooring.co.uk if you wish to receive further information and for free online quote kindly check https://freequote.sportsflooring.co.uk/. We would be happy to provide you with literature and samples for your sports flooring project.Our experienced management team ensure the entire operation runs as smoothly providing you with the best customer experience.