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We provide competition standard indoor hockey court painting marking dimensions. Applied to wood or vinyl sprung sports flooring using specialist sports court paint our hockey court painting is installed adhering to competition standard dimensions.

Sports Court Hockey

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Indoor Hockey Court

We mark out and install indoor hockey court painting to Hockey England and Sports Scotland competition standards.

A key factor in the development of an Indoor Hockey playing facility is the floor. It determines how enjoyable it is to play or watch the game, the durability of the facility and its cost.

Sports floors must safely withstand the loadings from users and equipment. Six common considerations when determining a suitable sports flooring are: shock absorption, energy return, slipperiness, ball rebound, wear resistance, regeneration and load bearing implications (eg for temporary spectator seating).

Other priority factors which must also be considered when deciding on flooring are:

Risk of physical injury
Prolonged, intensive use of the sports floor requires optimal surface characteristics to minimise the potential for injury while allowing maximum sports development. This can generally be achieved through moderate levels of friction, stiffness and shock absorption.

Stable environmental conditions
Many sports flooring systems are susceptible to changes in temperature and relative humidity. It is essential that any environmental variations likely to occur in the facility are identified to prevent possible irreparable damage.

Internal visual environment
The floor surface is a major visual element in the sports facility and will have a significant impact on the internal environment. The colour, reflectance and other characteristics of the surface material need to be carefully considered in order to create an attractive internal environment that gives maximum enjoyment to all users. Whilst there are no specifications for the colour of the floor, the Rules of Indoor Hockey indicate that the ball must be white and World Hockey recommends a blue pitch which is most suitable for televised games. However, other ball and surface colour combinations are feasible within the overall recommendation that the ball is a light/bright colour and that the surface is a dark colour.

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