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Competition standard Five a Side Court Painting dimensions. Applied to wood or vinyl sprung sports flooring using specialist sports court paint and installed adhering to competition standard dimensions.

Sports Court Marking


One of the most popular indoor sports in the country, 5-a-side football is a versatile sport than can be played on many different sports floor coverings and surfaces although it is advised that you ensure your indoor sports floor is a sprung sports floor to lessen any impact injuries that may occur.

Five-a-side, may be played indoors or outdoors. The pitch may be enclosed by rebound boards (barriers), fences or walls or the game can be played to goal lines and touchlines on open spaces.

Five-a-side football is played on a range of surfaces that include:

• A range of indoor sports hall flooring including timber, composites, vinyl and linoleum sheet materials, textiles and carpets
• Long pile artificial football grass
• Sand filled artificial grass
• Polymeric surfaces

Lines should preferably be coloured white or yellow outdoors and white, yellow or red (in multi-use sports halls) indoors.
The two long boundaries are called touchlines; the two shorter lines are called goal lines. Where barriers or walls are used to enclose the pitch and form the boundaries of the playing area it is not necessary to mark the touchlines or goal lines.
The pitch is divided into two halves by the halfway line. The centre mark is positioned at the mid point of the halfway line. A circle with a radius of 3.0m (diameter 6.0m) is marked around it (irrespective of the pitch size).
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