Competition standard fencing piste court marking dimensions. Applied to wood or vinyl sprung sports flooring using specialist sports court paint and installed adhering to competition standard dimensions as outlined by the British Fencing Organisation.
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Sports Court Painting

Indoor lacrosse is also known as box lacrosse. The game was invented in Canada in the 1930s by hockey arena owners who wanted to do business in the summer months. Indoor lacrosse is a game that features quick passes and attacks. It requires the skill to shoot the lacrosse ball accurately.

Players and Equipment
Indoor lacrosse is played by a team of six players. Each team has a goalkeeper and five outfield players called runners. The player positions include forwards, transition players and defenders, but they can move all over the field and are not restricted to staying on their part of the lacrosse field. This is different than the outdoor game. Players use lacrosse sticks that measure between 40 and 46 inches. Players must wear protective equipment, including a helmet, gloves and shoulder pads.

We have installed Fencing Piste Court Painting in many schools in many locations all over the country. We have also marked out and painted fencing piste courts in colleges and universities where fencing is a major sporting activity. Fencing Pistes can be applied to a range of different sports floor coverings – wood, vinyl, rubber with many choosing to install the court on an existing multipurpose wooden sports floor, adding the court to a multi-court layout and set up.

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