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Competition standard Boccia court marking dimensions. Applied to wood or vinyl sprung sports flooring using specialist sports court paint and installed adhering to GB Boccia Federation standard dimensions.

Sports Court Marking

Learn About Boccia Court

Boccia was developed by the Swedish disability sports federation in the 1970’s and is a sport specially designed for athletes with physical disabilities. Boccia and has no counterpart in the Olympic Games. It is based on games such as bocce, boules and petanque.

The Rules Of Boccia

Boccia is an attack and defend game, with two sides competing over a set number of ends. The aim is to score as many points as possible by placing their set of coloured balls closest to the white ‘Jack’ ball.

A ball can be moved by rolling, throwing or kicking.
If a player is unable to throw or kick it, they can use a ‘ramp’ (assistive device).
If a player is unable to release the ball with their hands players can use a head pointer.
Players must be seated during the game.
Singles and pair matches are four ends and team matches are six ends.
An end consists of all 13 balls being propelled onto court (the Jack, 6 Red and 6 Blue).
Each side can have 1, 2 or 3 players (singles, pairs or team match).
Both sides must occupy a designated box on the court from where balls are propelled.
The red side always begins the first end by throwing the jack onto court.
During a pairs or team match each player takes turns at throwing the jack onto court.
In a singles match both players will alternate twice.
The player who throws the jack ball also throws their team’s first coloured ball.
A player from the opposite side then propels their first coloured ball.
The end is complete when all balls from both sides have been propelled.
One point is awarded for every ball of the same colour, which is closest to the jack.

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