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The Properties of Beech Flooring

By |2013-11-21T13:03:52+01:00November 21st, 2013|advice, Dance floors, Junckers|

Beech comes from a species of deciduous trees (Fagus) which are native to both Europe, Asia and North America. Beech trees are large and can grow to over 35 metres tall. Beech is often used for furniture as it ages well and can look good for many years. It is an easy wood to work

Badminton Courts

By |2013-11-17T16:05:57+01:00October 23rd, 2013|badminton, commonwealth games, Court Markings, Gerflor|

Our British version of badminton originates from an old Indian game which was known as “Poona”. British Army Officers learned to play the game in the 1860s and brought the rules back with them to England to teach others. The British Badminton Association was formed in England in 1895. Watching badminton players can be mesmerising,

The Sports Hall

By |2013-11-17T16:02:16+01:00October 13th, 2013|Gerflor, Junckers|

Junckers sports hall flooring The flooring is the central part of every sports hall – whether it’s used for gymnastics, ball sports, or as a meeting place for a concert or assembly. Taking time to consider what a specific floor has to offer is one of the most important factors when designing and

Flooring the Falkland Islands

By |2016-07-03T20:43:38+01:00October 2nd, 2013|Basketball, Gerflor, Glasgow 2014, Junckers, News|

It’s been a very busy time recently in the world of sports flooring, with demand increasing from sports centres and indoor arenas after the recent Olympics and with the advent of the Commonwealth Games on the horizon in Glasgow 2014. Whatever the size or type of sports floor and wherever it might be required, we’re

Sports Flooring of the Future

By |2013-11-17T15:39:42+01:00September 17th, 2013|badminton, Basketball, News|

While we tend to notice remarkable athletes more than remarkable floors, the right sports flooring is critical to both the performance and the safety of the athletes who perform on it. It has to be resilient and long lasting, with the right amount of friction to allow twists and turns and prevent falling. Wooden floors

Changing your Sports Flooring

By |2013-11-17T15:33:47+01:00September 9th, 2013|advice|

If your sports flooring has seen better days, it might not only be unsightly but it could be dangerous too. When a dance floor is suffering from excessive wear and tear, the risk of injury significantly increases for the dancer or athlete and it may be time to consider changing your sports flooring. It’s also

Case Study: Boen Arenaflex at Balwearie High School

By |2012-11-27T11:02:04+01:00November 27th, 2012|Case Studies, Uncategorized|

McKay Flooring Ltd via our sports flooring division Installed over 200m2 of Boen Arenaflex Beech sprung sports flooring in June 2011 at Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy in the new Performance and Drama Studio as part of extensive renovations of the original 1970's school building that were carried out after fire damage. Product: 21mm Arenaflex

Glasgow Rocks at the Emirates Arena

By |2012-11-13T10:58:41+01:00November 13th, 2012|Case Studies|

The Glasgow Rocks Basketball team have moved their home base to the newly completed Emirates Arena Sports Hall which is situated next door to the Glasgow Velodrome. The main sports hall has space for 12 badminton courts and 3 FIBA standard basketball courts with a seating capacity for  over 1000 spectators. The Glasgow Rocks will make