Indoor athletic flooring bears all the responsibility of looking good with the added burden of being able to put up with the wear and tear of many different sports. Because a safe and quality environment is imperative to athletes around the world, regardless of age, sport or skill level, Graboplast seeks to provide customers with just that with vinyl sports flooring.


Whether they are fierce competitors, fitness gurus or simply in the mood for a friendly game, Grabo vinyl floors are designed to accommodate and protect athletes in a broad range of activities and intensity levels. Regardless of factors, it is imperative and crucial for athletic facilities to have an environment that provides athletes with spaces conducive to their efforts. Over 70 countries have begun testing this exciting new product, making it a must for gymnasiums, ball courts and all places where athletics are present.




The benefits of having vinyl flooring installed are numerous, both to the athletes that use them and the people that maintain the environment. Foam backing and shock absorption helps protect athletes against serious injury by increasing comfort while reducing undue pressure on limbs and joints. What’s more, the flooring promises ideal conditions for team sports, providing athletes with comfort while also not interfering with or changing play.

Ideal for yoga studios, fencing halls, weightlifting rooms and team ball sport courts like basketball, Grabo sport’s multi-layered technology helps to prevent injury from slipping and protects the building foundation with its durability. A self-disinfecting surface helps keeps your exercise environment free of unwanted germs. The cross-linked surface also ensures longevity, fighting against the nearly constant wear and abuse to provide athletes with a safe, clean and exciting sport environment for years to come.  The patented TECH surface layer makes it ideal for maintenance, keeping repairs and replacements to an absolute minimum, giving athletes more time to enjoy the product rather than focus on constant and unnecessary upkeep.

Installation is very efficient, with 200 centimetre roll width cutting the need for expensive welding.

Ever concerned about sustainability, all materials used in Grabo plast vinyl flooring is environmentally safe, with no heavy metals and is 100% recyclable. In addition, nearly all of the production wastes are recyclable as well, making the vinyl floorings a necessary fixture for buildings vying for LEED certification.


There are many different versions of this vinyl flooring available for purchase, offering a sizable range of floorings depending on your needs. Each type seeks to provide the ideal equipment for any environment, whether it is for a pre-school gym or highly-competitive, fast-paced sports such as indoor hockey.