Beech FlooringBeech comes from a species of deciduous trees (Fagus) which are native to both Europe, Asia and North America. Beech trees are large and can grow to over 35 metres tall. Beech is often used for furniture as it ages well and can look good for many years. It is an easy wood to work with and has malleable qualities making it ideal for furniture as well as other products. It has a solid density and is odourless, with a strong surface which makes it hard-wearing, being more resistant to chipping and gouging than some other varieties of wood.

Beech flooring can withstand a lot of pressure over time so it is a good choice for a floor that will be used frequently. It also has good shock absorbing properties and is good for weight bearing and receiving the force of a high impact. Beech is also desirable as there are various ways of cleaning it and keeping it in a good condition, ranging from power washing to sanding. Above all beech flooring stands the test of time and once installed will be a worthy investment, making a floor that will still look good for many years to come.

While many customers ask for oak flooring when considering installing dance floors, beech flooring is actually a much more suitable wood for the job. It has a high tensile strength and is very long-lasting. If the colour of oak is what is most appealing to a customer, the beech wood can be vacuum stained to give it a natural warm honey brown colour instead of the natural light golden colour.

Beech floors are prefinished with coats of lacquer to give a highly flexible sealed finish suitable for all sports, including dance floors. Junckers beech dance floors are quick and easy to install and will last for a lifetime.

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