Netball FlooringNetball is a fast and exciting sport showcasing a wealth of skills and tactics, and is fast paced, moving rapidly between the attacking and defending. It has its origins in early basketball, when the sport was modified to allow women to participate. The first set of rules were published at the beginning of the twentieth century, and the sport continued to rise in popularity. It became an Olympic sport in 1995.

Netball will be played at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and one single gold medal will be awarded to one of the 12 competing nations. While Australia and New Zealand are hot favorites, England is also in the running in 2014 as are some others like Jamaica, South Africa and Malawi.

In 2011 the Netball Super League was awarded coverage by Sky Sports, and the sport moved to centre stage. The profile of the sport was raised by the live coverage and managers of the sport wanted to ensure that not only was their choice of flooring safe for players but also looked the best it could possibly be. Gerflor was chosen as the brand to supply high quality Taraflex floors which are the preferred surface of the Super League. It is a synthetic product with foam which provides comfort to players and is ideal for impact sports. It can be used as a permanent installation, a fast track overlay or simply as a portable solution. As an overlay it is installed over an existing floor which saves considerable money and reduces environmental impact, with little adhesive required and no landfill needed to dispose of old flooring.

Netball Flooring

Gerflor is the approved manufacturer to both Netball England and Netball Northern Ireland. Their professional knowledge of both technology and innovation can ensure optimal comfort and safety during the practice of all sporting activities.

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