Sports Hall

Junckers sports hall flooring

The flooring is the central part of every sports hall – whether it’s used for gymnastics, ball sports, or as a meeting place for a concert or assembly. Taking time to consider what a specific floor has to offer is one of the most important factors when designing and building a new sports hall. Designed for heavy usage, a Junckers sports floor is specifically tailored to cope with demanding performance requirements. Looking to specialist sports facilities like Cardinal Heenan School in Liverpool, you will find their sports flooring matches the Olympic standard, in order to support the many thousands of athletes who will benefit from it. The school chose Gerflor’s Taraflex™ Sport M Evolution 7mm which can not only cope with many different sporting activities, but can also accommodate the many hundreds of tables and chairs that are needed when it comes to exam time.

Here at we are experts in gym and dance floors and fit over 30,000 m2 of sports flooring to schools and multipurpose halls, with one of the largest school gym flooring contracts in the UK. It’s important for schools to make sure they choose high quality flooring like that of Junckers and Gerflor as offering high quality physical education to their pupils should be something all schools aspire to do. It can help young people to make informed choices about living a healthier lifestyle at an early age and encourage them to continue to engage in physical activities long after they have left school.

Children who regularly participate in physical activities are likely to have more self-esteem and also to be better at working as part of a team. This helps them grow into successful and responsible citizens, which has a bearing not only on physical but also on mental health. Gymnastics in particular helps to promote a healthy heart as well as strong muscles and bones. Flexibility in movement learnt on a dance floor helps reduce the risk of injury such as muscle damage, and weight bearing exercises also promote bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis in later life.