Badminton CourtsOur British version of badminton originates from an old Indian game which was known as “Poona”. British Army Officers learned to play the game in the 1860s and brought the rules back with them to England to teach others. The British Badminton Association was formed in England in 1895.

Watching badminton players can be mesmerising, as they display amazing gymnastic talent when they move themselves around the court to hit the shuttle, or birdie as it is sometimes known. Badminton is the fastest racquet sport played in the world, with shuttles often travelling at more than 300 km per hour. Badminton will feature in all eleven days of the Commonwealth Games programme to be held in Glasgow 2014, with six gold medal events, including singles and doubles events as well as team events.

To play badminton well, having the right equipment is vital. The best shuttles are made from real feathers, with less expensive models using plastic feathers. Badminton courts are set out in white or yellow colours, with a mesh net separating the players. If played indoors, there needs to be enough height for the shuttle to float over the net without hitting the ceiling, and this height will vary depending on how strong the players are.

The flooring used for badminton is of special importance as the correct flooring will prevent injury to the players. The surface should ideally be made of either wood or bituminous material, and should always be made by a quality manufacturer like Gerflor. Taraflex™ flooring is recommended for playing Badminton. It comes with structured embossing which makes for perfect footing when playing badminton.

It is made by Gerflor, the market leaders in sports flooring, technology and innovation to bring the best in comfort and safety when playing the sport. With 45% shock absorption it provides optimal comfort as well as giving players excellent protection. It is available in an easy to install portable playing surface, or in a permanent format and comes in a mint green colour. Taraflex™ flooring is the most widely specified sports surface in the world and was used for nine consecutive Olympic Games, and over 70,000 million square metres of sports halls are fitted with Taraflex™ flooring. Taraflex™ flooring complies with the European Standard for Indoor Sports EN 14904 offering high performance and durability, protecting children and adults regardless of their age or ability.