Changing your sports flooringIf your sports flooring has seen better days, it might not only be unsightly but it could be dangerous too. When a dance floor is suffering from excessive wear and tear, the risk of injury significantly increases for the dancer or athlete and it may be time to consider changing your sports flooring.
It’s also detrimental to the sporting prowess of the athletes, who need a floor in great condition. If you act quickly, you might simply need to have some refurbishment work done to your sports floor, rather than having it completely replaced, which will be more expensive.

Depending on the age and condition of your dance floor you might want to consider replacing it rather than repairing it, as an old wooden floor could be costing you a fortune in maintenance bills. Installing a new modern synthetic floor from a trusted name like Junckers or Gerflor sports flooring is likely to give you a better performance and will be durable and long lasting, meaning you won’t need to contemplate any repairs for a long time.

Some existing sports floors are made of Granwood blocks which have been laid over concrete. This leaves the floor with a lack of resilience which can cause tiredness and increase the likelihood of injuries. We can advise you about laying a new sports floor over the top, meaning you don’t have to rip up your existing floor and will not disturb any underfloor heating. This can make installing a new floor less like the enormous task it might have seemed, and also it could be a lot less costly than you might previously have imagined.

We are ideally placed to advise you about any changes you are thinking of making to your sports flooring, so just give us a call to discuss the options and let us advise you on the best course of action.