For the month of April Marcias Flooring Ltd are offering a special promotion to all their trade card holders for the Protimeter Mini Bld2000 pocket moisture tester – a must piece of equipment for any professional considering installing wooden sports floors.

It is essential that any new poured concrete sub-floor is regularly moisture tested to ensure it has dried out enough in order for the wooden flooring to be successfully installed over it and to establish whether a Damp Proof Membrane is required or not. Excessive moisture in drying concrete will rise up into the the back of the wooden sports flooring causing it to cap and expand. This can cause extensive damage and ultimately lead to the floor lifting and being damaged beyond repair. Likewise old properties can experience damp and moisture rising up through the solum and in order to protect the wood flooring it is imperative that counter measures such as installing a sheet or liquid DPM are taken.

For more details on the Protimeter BLD2000 promotion contact us on 44 2032 907060