Boen have recently introduced the cost effect yet fully certified Elastflex Olympia sports floor product.

Elastflex is an area-elastics sports floor system with a choice of Oak, Maple, Beech or Ash wood surface. Made up of an elastic layer and load distribution layer of plywood this is ideally suited for use in sports halls, dance studios, activity floors, multipurpose halls and gymnasiums.

Fully tested and certified to the new european EN14904:2006 Type A4 standard that is essential for all sprung floors to adhere to. It therefore complies with all requirements of the building regulations and British code of practise and all internationally recognised criteria for sports floors.

The over all build height is 45mm comprising of high quality 21mm pre-finished 6m wear layer Oak, Beech, Canadian Maple or Ash laid on top of the elastic layer and plywood distribution layer.

The beauty of this product is its economic pricing and ease of installation all of which ensures saving that we pass on directly to the client.

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