Redeveloping Florida’s Remote Southern Coast

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Going the distance – flying 8,000 miles to install a school gym floor!

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Never say that McKay Flooring are not committed to bringing their services as one of the UK's leading sports flooring companies to the four corners of the planet! Having recently shipped a container of our unique Whisky Barrel flooring to California for installation in the Google HQ we have also travelled to the Falkland Islands

Taraflex Sports Flooring – More safety & more comfort!

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McKay Flooring are one of the UK's leading sport flooring companies. As an approved contractor to Gerflor we undertake the supply and insulation of their premium vinyl sports flooring system - Taraflex Sports Flooring which offers high level shock absorption which means protection against long term injuries. More safety, more comfort!. If you are interested in the

Flooring the Falkland Islands

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It’s been a very busy time recently in the world of sports flooring, with demand increasing from sports centres and indoor arenas after the recent Olympics and with the advent of the Commonwealth Games on the horizon in Glasgow 2014. Whatever the size or type of sports floor and wherever it might be required, we’re

Sports Flooring of the Future

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While we tend to notice remarkable athletes more than remarkable floors, the right sports flooring is critical to both the performance and the safety of the athletes who perform on it. It has to be resilient and long lasting, with the right amount of friction to allow twists and turns and prevent falling. Wooden floors

Gerflor – dedicated sports surfaces

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Last week Darren from Gerflor paid us a visit to update us on their specialist sports floor products and to drop off samples of their revolutionary portable vinyl badminton court. The Gerflor Taraflex product family includes a range of specialist sports floors built exclusively for particular sports - • Taraflex TENNIS • Taraflex TABLE